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Bungling Liberal Democrat upsets Brixton residents

Spotted this on the leader of Lambeth council, Steve Reed’s, website.

Councillor Reed apparantly received a complaint about a Lib Dem who was elected to represent Wells Ward in Streatham. People living in Sandhurst Court on Acre Lane spent almost 10 years trying to buy the freehold for their block and once they had bought the freehold, they put in proposals for an extension on the roof to fund much-needed improvements to the whole block, including insulation, redecoration, a new lift, and plans to make the building use renewable sources of energy.

They received a letter from Streatham Liberal Democrat Councillor Julian Heather explaining that the Liberal Democrats were opposing the scheme.

Read the full story which exposes Councillor Heather for being a typical Lib Dem opportunist spotting the planning application and assuming, wrongly, that the people living their would oppose the scheme.

Full story on Steve Reeds website