Liberal Democrats threaten massive council tax hikes

Liberal Democrats in Lambeth are threatening hard-pressed local families with yet more massive council tax hikes just like the last time they were in charge at the town hall.  The news has been met with outrage from people already struggling with rising prices for heating, lighting and food as the worldwide credit crunch bites.  

Earlier this year, energy companies in Britain announced massive increases in the cost of gas and electricity as world fuel prices soared.  Now, those costs are about to hit tenants in Lambeth as the Labour Council’s fixed-price deal with the energy suppliers comes to an end.  Labour is demanding more help from the energy companies to aid poorer households who will be worst affected by price increases that could be as high as 160% for estates with communal heating.   

But the Lib Dems continue to attack those who can least afford it. At a time when families are cash-strapped the Lib Dems want to force their council tax up even higher to support town-hall spending when what is really needed is new ways to help people pay for higher bills.  

In a cynical and ridiculous ploy, Lib Dems are claiming that the global fuel price increase is the fault of Lambeth Council!  They are demanding that fuel bills for SOME residents should be subsidised by the council – meaning huge council tax rises for EVERY OTHER FAMILY already struggling to pay their own higher fuel bills.  They know their proposals are completely undeliverable but are hoping no one will notice the cynical political game they’re playing.  The proposals are not even targeted at the most needy – they are designed to appeal to voters living in marginal wards that the Lib Dems hope are gullible enough to believe them. 

Last time they were in charge the Lib Dems put council tax up 40%.  Their latest plans would send many of the borough’s poorest residents into more and more debt.


Bungling Liberal Democrat upsets Brixton residents

Spotted this on the leader of Lambeth council, Steve Reed’s, website.

Councillor Reed apparantly received a complaint about a Lib Dem who was elected to represent Wells Ward in Streatham. People living in Sandhurst Court on Acre Lane spent almost 10 years trying to buy the freehold for their block and once they had bought the freehold, they put in proposals for an extension on the roof to fund much-needed improvements to the whole block, including insulation, redecoration, a new lift, and plans to make the building use renewable sources of energy.

They received a letter from Streatham Liberal Democrat Councillor Julian Heather explaining that the Liberal Democrats were opposing the scheme.

Read the full story which exposes Councillor Heather for being a typical Lib Dem opportunist spotting the planning application and assuming, wrongly, that the people living their would oppose the scheme.

Full story on Steve Reeds website

Lambeth Liberal Democrats, not winning here – Lambeth

Lambeth Liberal Democrate - Not Winning Here!In the London Assembly Election in Lambeth the Liberal Democratic vote evaporated, Voters clearly didn’t trust them to run London in the same way they kicked them out of Lambeth in 2006.

Lambeth wide results

Mayor 1st Choice
Lambeth Conservative vote, 32%: Lambeth Labour, 43%: Lambeth Liberal Democrats, 15%

London Member
Lambeth Conservative, 22%: Lambeth Labour, 35%: Lambeth Liberal Democrats, 17%

Assembly Member
Lambeth Conservative, 21%: Lambeth Labour, 37%: Lambeth Liberal Democrats, 22%

Votes rounded up or down to nearest percentage. Source London Elects.

Liberal Democrats in Lambeth – NOT WINNING HERE!

Liberal Democrats attempt to buy Streatham parliamentary seat

A millionaire Liberal Democrat is attempting to buy the Streatham parliamentary seat. A lack of support from local people means that he is bank rolling the use of a delivery firm to bombard residents with leaflets.

These photographs were taken shortly after a fresh leaflet, full of Lib Dem lies, had fallen through the door of a local supporter. You can be assured that the leaflet was soon in the recycle bin and will without doubt be shortly turned into toilet paper.

Welcome to the home of exposing Lambeth Lib Dems

Lambeths Liberal Democrats have a history of saying one thing and doing the opposite. Council tax rose faster and higher in Lambeth under the Lib Dems, however in opposition they claim they would not increase it!!!

In the run up to the next general election we will expose their millionaire candidate who has been brought in to buy the Streatham seat.

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