The Lib Dems have a long history of saying one thing and doing another.  They’re not a proper political party at all – they just exist to mop up the disaffected supporters of the two main parties, and that means sometimes they pretend to be more Tory than the Tories and at others to be more Labour than Labour.  Really, they’re neither.  They have no guiding principles and no vision of how they want to change society for the better.  They just want power, and they’ll do anything to get it.  Their party’s own campaign guide instructs Lib Dem councillors to “be wicked, act shamelessly, stir endlessly”. It’s all part of their deceitful plan to trick people into voting for them.  And the last time they managed that in Lambeth they forced council tax up 40%, lost £3 million in the biggest local government housing fraud case in British history, covered up for one of their own councillors who was stealing thousands in benefit fraud, and slashed services so they could waste millions on plush new buildings for their councillors to swan around in. 

This website is dedicated to stopping the disaster of Lib Dem rule being inflicted on Lambeth again.  We will expose their hypocrisy, their two-faced campaigns against things that were never going to happen anyway, their attempts to take the credit for other people’s work, and the sheer emptiness of their purpose for existing which is, purely and simply, to grab power without having a clue what they’d do with it.  Lambeth deserves better than the Lib Dems.  Let’s make sure they can’t fool Lambeth’s residents into voting for them ever again.  


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